Standard Routine Treadmill Test
The treadmill test is an electrocardiogram (ECG) that is done while you are walking on a moving belt. Abnormalities in your heart rate and/or rhythm can be detected. This test is designed to determine if there is any problem with the blood flow through the coronary arteries that supply the heart with blood.

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You will be asked to walk on a treadmill, a moving belt, which gradually increases in speed and/or grade (incline). Your blood pressure, heart rate, and rhythm will be monitored while you are on the treadmill. You will be frequently asked how you are feeling. You will be encouraged to walk until you feel you can no longer exercise. The accuracy of the test is dependent on achieving a target heart rate, which is determined by your age. When you reach your target heart rate and exercise level, the treadmill test is completed.


The test will take approximately 1 hour.
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