Pre-Cardiac Catheterization Instructions
Your cardiologist has recommended you that you have a cardiac catheterization. For more information on what that entails, please click here.

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Please note the following important information:

  • Generally, we ask patients not to eat or drink anything from midnight the night the day of their procedure. Regular medications can and should be taken with small sips of water.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, and except for the circumstances noted below, please take all of your regular medications as scheduled leading up to and on the day of the procedure.
Blood Thinners
  • If you are on aspirin or Plavix (clopidogrel), please take it as usual up to and including the day of your procedure
  • If you are on Coumadin (warfarin) or other blood thinners (including heparin, Lovenox, or enoxaparin), please let your doctor know, and make sure you understand the plan regarding these Blood Thinners.
  • If you are on insulin therapy of any sort, or any medications which may lower blood sugar, please make sure you understand the plan for stopping or cutting back on these medications.
  • If you are on metformin, Glucophage, or Glucovance, or any other medications that may contain metformin, you may need to stop this medication for a few days before the procedure. Please talk to your doctor.
  • People with diabetes may be at increased risk for kidney problems after an angiogram. Please talk to your doctor about what you can do to reduce that risk.
  • If you have allergies to contrast dye, iodine, or shellfish, it is imperative that we know this at the time the procedure is scheduled. Special steps may need to be taken to avoid an allergic reaction to contrast dye.

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