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Our Coumadin Clinic is coordinated to allow our patients to optimize their anticoagulation medications Coumadin, or in its generic form warfarin. Coumadin affects your blood's ability to clot. When first starting Coumadin, patients will need to have their blood checked frequently until their dose is regulated. The frequency of testing can gradually be decreased after therapy is stable. The frequency will also depend on other factors, such as your clinical condition, diagnosis, and your Cardiologist's recommendations.

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To measure your blood’s ability to clot, we use the INR (International Normalized Ratio) laboratory test. The test is done by a finger stick in a timely and efficient manner and your results are ready in a couple of minutes. To ensure patients have their medication managed within a safe therapeutic range; our well trained staff will review the results with the nurse practitioner (NP). If necessary, adjustments will be made as well as the next appointment scheduled. Any Coumadin related concerns or questions can also be answered at that time.

INR levels can be affected by several things, such as illness, diet changes and other medications (prescription and over the counter). You should contact your Cardiologist about any changes in your health, medicines, or your lifestyle.

Please contact the clinic if you experience the following: nosebleeds, easy bruising, red or dark brown urine, bleeding gums, headache, dizziness, and any unusual pain or swelling.


We work with Alere Home Monitoring, provide you with a portable monitor that allows INR testing easily and reliably at home. If your testing schedule conflicts with travel, work, school or access to transportation, a home INR monitor will provide you with the convenience to test within your own home.

A portable INR monitor requires a prescription and training on the device. If you and your Cardiologist or nurse practitioner agrees that this device is appropriate for you, a monitor and training will be arranged. For more information, please visit:

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